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Top Priority Items for Bed Side Care

Whenever bed side care is mentioned, our thoughts go to the sick people in hospitals, hospices and homes. What you may not realize is that there are elderly people who are in need of such care. An elderly person need not necessarily be bedridden in order for them to be in need of specialized care. Before you embark on providing such assistance, you need to evaluate their needs first. Find out the things they can or cannot do on their own. Senior family members ought to be treated with dignity. Some do not like being pitied, it lowers their self-esteem. The following suggestions might come in handy:

1. Why you need to offer proper bed side care? This should not be seen as a burden on the family. There is so much you can learn from the aged people. When you assist them to spend their twilight years in comfort, you will have time for small talk as you reminisce the years when you were a little boy or girl. Your mum or dad will recall with nostalgia how they worked so hard to put you through school. There will be stories of how naughty or good-natured once you were. None of this could have been passed on to you had you opted to neglect the responsibility of caring for your aging parents.

2. Stock up on products for bedridden people. Inflatable shampooers for instance allow you the flexibility of cleaning a bedridden person's hair. You do not need to get them out of bed when using this product. Buy a shampooer that lasts long and can be easily used without compromising on the person's comfort. Look for those who come with a drainage hose and have contoured neck rests. The drainage mechanism prevents water from spilling on the person's bed resulting in a lot of inconvenience and discomfort.

3. Sick and elder people will require a bedpan. There are some which are reusable while others can be disposed after every use. The latter are more hygienic though they cost slightly higher than re-usable ones. You can choose from an array of bedpans available in the market. The choice is also influenced by the kind of bed side care you have opted to offer and the budget constraints. At the same time, you can buy gender sensitive bedpans. Your tastes and preferences dictate the kind of bedpan you procure.

4. For safety when getting out and into a bed, you need bed rails. Choose rails that are firm and sturdy. Go for a strong material that can sustain the weight of the individual who will use it. It should also be able to fold downwards in order to provide access whenever a need arises. An adjustable rail is ideal due to its multiple functions. Choose rails that can work on either the right or left hand side of the bed. Get a technician to come and secure it to the bed. Always put the safety first. Their reflexes are not as fast as yours.

When dealing with bed side care, you want what is best for your parents or grandparents. For most of these products, you can view them online and read about their use. Through the internet, you can see their prices and compare what different sellers are offering them at. Since there are many variations, search thoroughly for those that you feel will work for you. At the same time, consider the possibility of having the products shipped to your location rather than going to look for them. Give your loved one the best care they can get to make them as comfortable as possible.