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The Martial Arts Fair

An internet article I read wrote about Jacky Chan and how this Asian superstar not only revolutionized Asian martial arts but stirred the frenzy out of Hollywood to produced Asian-inspired martial arts movie. The success of the Hollywood flick "The Karate Kid" has immortalized Asia's bid for the Hollywood seat of box office success. The article added that by far, it was Chan's largest grossing film, and I cannot disagree with it. Jacky Chan rose to fame and invaded the annals of Hollywood with kicks here and there and with his unique humor infused in his martial arts prowess.

Forbes list of the world's richest athletes enlisted recently, Manny Pacquiao, from southern Philippines as one of the world's richest. His boxing career has risen from scratch to winning eight titles in different divisions, a feat that is yet to be paralleled by someone that may have not been borne yet in this century. His life has inspired millions of people all over the world.

Today, the martial arts fever has effectively invaded homes of the United States of America, and I can feel that this fever is going stay for long, and it is there for good.

Worth noticing is the China town that is present in virtually all major cities of the world. It is a testament of how the east has infiltrated the west and how the west has paid much respect to the east. Then, there's the sport that originated from Korea, taekwondo that has claimed the world's major sports event, the Olympics. And now, take a quick look at the way the Chinese dominates the Olympics. They never fail to bring home gold medals that were only won by those that are the best of the best in their respective fields.

And now, due to the increase of demand of apparel and accessories related to the Asian combat techniques, the internet has again linked the world's best to America's greatest. There are sites that sell shoes and belts and Tai Chi swords that depict only one thing, the marketability of these products.

Due to this demand, an infusion of quality and affordability make the rest of the war between suppliers. One cannot compromise quality at each pricing consideration. With each contact on rehearsals and sparring events, the quality of the materials determine the whether the sparring partners get the best of the bouts.

And so, the rest of the world watches who would be the next big thing in the martial arts fair. With each step to fame, a humble beginning and the right attitude determines the flight of the career that has inspired both the young and the old, from all the corners of the world.