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Enjoyable Halloween Party Games

Kids love many things about Halloween parties. The candy and dressing up are right at the top of the list. Party games rank pretty high on the list too for all kids love to play Halloween games especially since the winners usually get a prize.

If you are in charge of planning the Halloween party, the first thing you need to consider is the age of your guests. If you are in charge of very young children then you should pick simple Halloween games that don?t require much of an attention span. Pin the tail on the donkey and hot potato come to mind and are fun for kids of all ages, so you can adapt this for Halloween by playing pin the tail on the skeleton. Another fun game for kids to fill balloons with air and have them try and pop the balloons by sitting on them. It isn?t as easy as it sounds and usually results in lots of laughs.

Kids that are a little older love to play treasure hunt or scavenger hunt. For this, you simply hide items in your house and give them a list of clues that lead to the objects. Whoever finds them all first wins a prize. This will help to keep the kids busy while you tend to the party or watch over little ones. Hide Halloween related objects in semi-scary locations such as under a big stuffed spider to make it more exciting for the brave older kids.

For the adults you might consider Halloween games of charades or card games. This is a fun way for them to socialize and relieve stress at your party.

Halloween games will help keep your party moving and keep your guests engaged. The adults will appreciate having something entertaining to do and the little ones will get a thrill out of winning a prize.