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Monday 16 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

10 Minute Trainer Review Vs The P90X Workout System

Let's face it - Some of us just don't have a ton of time to work out.

For those that follow Tony Horton you may be left wondering the following: 10 Minute Trainer or the P90X Workout System?

I am going to be straight forward and honest - P90X has changed the lives of countless individuals who have stuck with it religiously and competed nearly every workout. While this seems to be the way to go I also understand that many others are overly intimidated by P90X and either never try it or fail because they can't stay accountable.

This is where 10 Minute Trainer steps in and Tony Horton blows away every excuse you had about avoiding the P90X workout system and gives you every reason to become fit.

While P90X requires an absolute minimum of 45 minutes and upwards to 1 hour and 30 minutes a day to complete, 10 min trainer will only require 10 minutes of your time while still giving a fully effective "super-stacked" workout.

While you won't get the same explosive results with as you would by following P90X you will still get amazing results compared to doing nothing at all! It is in my opinion that every single being has at least 10 minutes to train. With that said the reason why 10 minute trainer is effective is for one simple reason and that is "Super-Stacking".

Unlike P90X where you focus on a particular workout like resistance OR cardio OR stretch - with 10 min trainer you combine all things together within a 10 minute period for a super-synergistic style approach.

If you have the time and you feel ready to invest 90 days approx 1 hour at a time I would say P90X wins the battle

If you struggle to find a free hour or your just so busy throughout the day that the last thing you want is to exercise - 10 minute trainer is your solution.

So even for those that feel over challenged or intimidated by P90X still have options for better health and fitness. 10 min trainer was developed for those needing a time sensitive option but something that still allows for extreme physical conditioning and weight loss.

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